I’ve been working on doing the splits
both ways
side splits and scissor splits
I started Friday and now it’s Wednesday
and I think I’m making progress
I’m sore, but not pulled muscle sore
and I might even be longer than last Thursday
I’ve been hearing about cognitive enhancers too
in powder for your coffee
and I think they make a good companion
to splits training: stretching, thinking, reaching
and fasting
16 hours fasting, 8 hours not fasting
and the 8 hours are of course the best part
not because you get to eat,
but because you deserve to eat
and this is all to say I’m improving myself
maybe for once or like always
and the spiritual piece is important or everything
and wellness is important or more than you think
I mean Jackie had a stroke
and Don Gjevre died
and we got another notice of strep and influenza
in Mrs. Lemon’s kindergarten class
and I can’t prevent any of that any more than the next woman
but I can be more flexible
and drink nootropic infused coffee
and listen to awakening podcasts
and none of it is a waste of effort or hope
and none of it is mumbo jumbo or delusional expectation
or some of it is
and even if most of it falls away in another time
and I feel again a bit like I did before I was longer
part of it lasts
in my muscles my reflexes my shape my thoughts
and the thoughts are not vain or cruel but love
because if I’m gonna be more cognitive about anything
it better be love.

Enlarge the place of your tent,
and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords
and strengthen your stakes.  Isaiah 54:2

image: Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse

6 thoughts on “stretching

  1. Oh, I do like this, Emily ~ your stream of consciousness style that always carries us along to a place where we can see a better view.

  2. So good Emily!

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