great room

Create in me a great room
with open walls
and honey pews.
Creak the floors
in a well weathered way
and build a balcony
for Sunday school
and study.
Paint in a basketball hoop
and roll in a piano
next to signs of service
and tables of quilts.
Pull in a coat rack
with many hangers
and put out cake and coffee.
Provide discerning doors
and let in the light
through sturdy windows
so the whole space
is a place
of glad greeting.

pile of quilts2

Let mine be a merry, all-receiving heart,
But make it a whole, with light in every part.
– George MacDonald

Inspired by the fellowship of Olivet
Congregational Church, St. Paul MN.

6 thoughts on “great room

  1. Oh my, how beautiful! And such a gift to Olivet as we are in the process of discerning how our building, our space, contributes to our life of faith.

  2. Just beautiful, Emily. This is an area of great gift for you and I love reading what you put here.

    Do you know about TweetSpeakPoetry? It’s an online poetry website, now taking subscriptions for a daily poem in your inbox. They also write great articles and offer classes in different writing styles. And they have a small publishing arm, too. It was started by a woman I met at Laity Lodge in Texas and she is doing amazing things over there. Check it out – you would fit right in.

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