prosper still

March is coming,
and with it spring,
blooms will break the snow;
and we, my mate
will celebrate
the new and all that grows.
Yet did we live in winter?
Reach, make ground, and love?
Or did we often wait and yearn
for progress from above?
Surely gifts were put aside,
we missed potential light;
much that God intended
in these months of longer nights.
Weeks are left
to prosper still,
Let’s vow to stop delay
on all our Father longs for us
to realize on our way.
And when the spring is fully here
our work will open wide
every door and window
to the house where He resides.


Perhaps I will stay with you for a while,
or even spend the winter,
so that you can help me on my journey,
wherever I go. – 1 Corinthians 16:6

image: “Spring Flower and Snow” by George Hodan

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