Clancy’s was
a bonafide drug store
from another age,
serving the neighborhood
with pharmacy,
and malts and salty fries.
Chrome ringed swivel stools
bolted to the floor
lined the diner counter,
and aisles of candy,
and household essentials
were stocked
for quick pick-up
on errands.
But the remarkable feature
was beneath our feet:
a Real Deal
Top Dog
Toy Store.

Dazzling and accessible,
the basement
was a treasure trove
for kids to peruse,
to touch and to test,
splendidly stacked
with amusement.
After many thoughtful minutes
picking a prize
we’d ascend with our whatnot
or Matchbox or gum,
friendly selections
for fifty cent pockets,
and make our way home
the few blocks,
ever confident
that quarters were endless
and Clancy’s was always.


For You are my hope; O Lord GOD, You are my confidence from my youth. Psalms 71:5

image: Clancy’s Drug Store & Toy Land, a bit before my time…

2 thoughts on “Clancy’s

  1. Love this post! Clancy’s was great and was my very first “real” job in my life. I ran drugs for them to all the old folks around town! (lots of overheated, bad smelling apartments – I remember that!)

    The basement at Clancy’s was the last of an era for sure.

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