I am climbing
up thru water
higher high
delivered daughter
sparkling sun
so close to tips
of fingers stretched
and parting lips
the air is near
the sea is thinning
the surface waits
for my beginning

and yet

the shining
bubbled sky
stops before
I’ve breath to cry
and all there is
is blurry light
and changing clouds
and silent sea
as I begin
to sink despite
my shifting hips
and expertise

you’re here

and hands
with grace plunge deep
and lift me up
from trouble’s keep
I cheer and weep
atop the waves
amazed anew
at being saved
inhale indeed
I do the air
sweet oxygen
of father’s care


He sent from on high, he took me; he drew me out of many waters.
– Psalm 18:16

extras worth posting:
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images: Light by Sue Kemnitz; Christian Quotes; shore painting by Jurij Frey

5 thoughts on “rescue

  1. yes!!! this is beautiful Emily! I’ve been missing your writings and was thrilled to see the email this morning. I feel urgent to jump in the lake!

  2. Emily,
    We were excited to receive an email from you this morning as well! Your poems are so awesome! Thanks for your gift of inspiring words. We cherish each and every one of them. Hope your summer is going well.
    Tracy and Dale

  3. Em – a universal experience and truth – but how beautifully and succinctly you tell it, keeping mystery. Loved “sea is thinning” –

  4. Emily – What a beautiful wordsmith you are. I love the cadence and rhythm of your poetry. The constant and surprising rhymes are weaved in in such a subtle way, I am surprised every time I hear one. Hope to see more and more of these poetic gifts.

    • Thank you Charity! I’m honored that you’ve read some Silver Pennies, and for your encouraging comment, so very appreciated. 🙂

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