hand in hand
I walked, she skipped
we wove around the park
and came upon
the orange flash
and all its winsome parts
a caterpillar
a track of seafoam green
the start and stop
two stories up
a wonderment machine
the platform ran
just three turns deep
the seekers two per shift
and on her face
of all life’s happy gifts
(and finally)
the coaster met our time
and in we stepped
with no unease
assured of thrill sublime

roller coaster

“Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.” – Edwin Louis Cole

image: Rollercoasters by Susie Anderson

4 thoughts on “rollercoaster

  1. I can hear the cogs on the track and see the sights in this oh-so-true life moment – and Susie Anderson totally captured the excitement!

  2. I can just FEEL the excitement! Your Poem and Susie’s illustration are fantastic!
    I’m so glad you continue your blog,Emily! I look forward to and have appreciated each and every poem you write. Soooo talented! Thank You!

  3. Sadly, I no longer ride roller coasters. But this artful poem and delightful drawing brought back all the good memories! Thank you.

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