perceiving you

my voice is thin
as we begin
a lowland road
and where it goes
I cannot see
not plot or thee
and why you have allowed this

my legs are lead
though up ahead
a promise song
cannot be long
away, my chest
is tight and pressed
the changing ground exhausts me

what now, my lord
have you in store
to teach this marrow
expand what’s narrow
this plight redeem
and sew the seams
in golden thread and stitches

the weather shifts
and sundry gifts
one cannot chart
in chambered hearts
wash over me
and strange relief
climbs nigh above horizon

perceiving you
is balm, and through
the valley rough
I have enough
to seek the bloom
that’s yet to loom
and onward go ’til morning.


image:painting by Zlatko Music

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